Parenting a Child Through Trauma – with Stephanie

You think you’ve done everything you can to prepare your child for protecting their physical boundaries and consent and then the devastating happens. You learn that your child’s boundaries have been broken.

The impact of this kind of trauma is incredibly painful, damaging and long-lasting. The ripple effect means that not only the child suffers, but so do parents and siblings. Personal and shared recovery takes time. In the face of such stressful and emotionally confronting events, how does a family cope?

In this episode, Stephanie shares the recent story of her family as they’ve dealt with the trauma of what happened to her daughter. Stephanie raises important questions about consent, physical boundaries, outside influences on teenagers, and the limitations of the law. She also talks about the importance of understanding your child’s silence. What are they not telling you? Do they know how to tell you things and are you giving them opportunities to talk to you?

Stephanie’s frank and heart-felt words offer real insight into the challenges of expat parenting in different cultures – national, state and familial.

Our conversation is challenging to listen to, but an important one for anyone raising children and especially globally mobile families.

Mentioned in Episode

Tea and Consent video – Thames Valley Police

Cusp – documentary

Euphoria – USA TV Series

Anatomy of a Scandal – Netflix series

Naked Attraction – British dating show on Channel 4



Police – call triple nine (Tel: 999)

Rape Crisis – England and Wales charity with helpline

Victim Support – information and support

NHS – Getting help

Rape Crisis – Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre

Samaritans – FREE Help – Tel: 116 123, E:

NHS Depression Support Groups

NHS Mental Health Services

The British Psychology Society – Find a Psychologist


Police – call triple zero (Tel: 000)

1800 Respect – National sexual assault, domestic family violence counselling service

Healthline – National Helpline and information for sexual assault

Beyond Blue – Mental health support

Headspace – National Youth Mental Health Foundation with support services

The Black Dog Institute – Medical health resources, services and research

SANE Australia – Counselling support, Tel: 1800 187 263 (10am – 10pm)


Police – call nine one one (Tel: 911)

RAINN – National Sexual Assault Hotline

Crisis – Crisis Text Line

Healthline – Sexual Assault Resource Guide

American Psychologist Association – Psychologist Finder

OR contact medical/legal/law enforcement in your country.

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