Polyamory: Families and Relationships – with Adrienne Sweetwater

The hetero-normative view of family is what we mostly see represented publicly and in the media. We might hear about LGBTQ+ families, but commonly we’re shown a couple or a single parent.

What about polyamorous families? Can you remember the last time you saw these types of relationships on TV or in the newspaper?

In this episode, Adrienne Sweetwater talks about her life in a poly triad. She shares how a queer identity intersects with having a global mindset and being a adult third culture kid. Adrienne offers insights into the difference between one’s different emotional and physical needs, plus the complexity and importance of legal protection for poly families living globally mobile lives.

And if you’re not in a poly relationship and don’t quite know what to say when you find out someone is, she gives us all a great way to answer!


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