Roeing and Wading through the sea of misogyny

The devastating impact of the overturning of Roe v Wade is very real for millions of women and trans men.

In this special episode Cath reflects on the public outrage and pleads to not make injustices ‘normal’. She explores the links between #metoo last year and recent events, shares personal stories and offers a 30% discount on her ‘Roeing and Wading through the sea of misogyny‘ tshirt.

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Mentioned in Episode

Article about cortisol in pregnancy – Imperial College London

Abortion information NHS

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Roeing and Wading through the misogyny t-shirt

Episode Information

Music by Grant McLachlan



Abortion NHS

British Pregnancy Advisory Service

Abortion Support Network

Samaritans – FREE Help – Tel: 116 123, E:

NHS Depression Support Groups

NHS Mental Health Services

The British Psychology Society – Find a Psychologist


Pregnancy Birth and Baby – Abortion information

Health Direct – Abortion information

Australian Abortion Law and Practice

Beyond Blue – Mental health support

Headspace – National Youth Mental Health Foundation with support services

The Black Dog Institute – Medical health resources, services and research

SANE Australia – Counselling support, Tel: 1800 187 263 (10am – 10pm)


An overview of Abortion Laws (24 June 2022) – Guttmacher Institute

Data about abortion in the USA – Pew Institute

American Psychologist Association – Psychologist Finder

OR if safe to do so, contact medical services in your country.

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