Building a positive racial identity in Black and Mixed heritage children

Motsabi grew up as a ‘mixed-race’ child in the 1990s in the UK in a blended family in which she was the only person of colour. Her parents took a ‘colour blind’ approach to raising her which meant she ended up navigating the experiences of race and racism on her own. As a result, Motsabi spent much of her childhood believing there was something wrong with her and suffering from high levels of internalised racism, low levels of self esteem and generalised anxiety.

She now works to prevent that happening to other Mixed or Black children. Her work focuses on empowering parents & carers to cultivate positive racial identity, belonging and strong self-esteem in children of ‘Mixed’ and ‘Black’ heritage, who live in predominantly white communities.

Today, Motsabi talks about how to be aware of when and where your child might experience racism, ways in which to prepare them for life outside of your family, and offers a variety of tips to help parents to embed a strong sense of identity, confidence and self esteem into their Mixed or Black heritage children.

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