Living on the Autism Spectrum

Episode 2: Living on the Autism Spectrum

Hailey Slade is a yoga-loving, hippy tattoo artist with Aspergers. With poignancy and humour she shares what it’s like to be on the autism spectrum.

Living with autism is challenging; especially in a world that is made for people who think and process differently. It can be incredibly beautiful, but too often, people on the autism spectrum spend years trying to work out why they experience the world as they do.

“I’ve never really wanted anyone to think of me as moody or grumpy or not friendly or approachable. I realized since having my diagnosis, that I finally care a lot less about what other people think, because I know I can’t do so much.”

Hailey Slade

Listen in to go on a journey of understanding as Hailey explains what it’s like, why it’s so challenging and what the rest of us can do to help.

In this Episode:

  • What is neurodiversity?
  • Understanding the physical and emotional issues of autism
  • Autistic coping strategies
  • Myth-busting the misconceptions about autism
  • How neurotypical people can help

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More information about Autism:

Adulting with Autism – Instagram account

The Autistic Life – Instagram account

Aspergirls: Empowering Females with Asperger Syndrome – Book by Rudy Simone

Asperges in Girls – Lecture by Prof. Tony Attwood

Resources for help:


National Autistic Society – Support, guidance and advice

Online Safety for people with ASD – A great guide to stay safe online

Ambitious About Autism – For autistic children, young people, their parents and carers

Carers UK – Support for carers

Samaritans – FREE Help – Tel: 116 123, E:

NHS Depression Support Groups

NHS Mental Health Services

The British Psychology Society – Find a Psychologist


Autism Awareness Australia – Support for Autism families

Autism Spectrum Australia – National service provider for people on the autism spectrum

Beyond Blue – Mental health support

Headspace – National Youth Mental Health Foundation with support services

The Black Dog Institute – Medical health resources, services and research

SANE Australia – Counselling support, Tel: 1800 187 263 (10am – 10pm)


Autism Society – Information and support

Autism Society of America – Advocacy

National Institute of Mental Health – A range of helplines

American Psychologist Association – Psychologist Finder

OR contact medical services in your country.

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