About Cath

Image of Cath Brew, illustrator behind Drawn to a Story

I’m Cath, the red-head Australian behind Drawn to a Story.

Illustrator by Soul.
Itchy Feet by Heart.
Settled in the UK – for now!

PIcture of cath who knows it's hard to reinvent yourself.

I get it what it’s like to question everything, wonder who on earth you are in your new country, and then reinvent yourself.

It’s hard.

It’s all about finding your truth within IDENTITY. BELONGING. EXPAT LIFE.

I found my truth in drawing.

I’d always loved drawing, but this time was different. IT WAS FOR ME.

It became my coping strategy, helping me to process complex thoughts and feelings.

These visceral experiences are intuitive, instinctive and emotional.
They are the place where we truly connect with other people.

… AND the place where Drawn to a Story was born.