‘Crock-of-shit-free’ Spiritual Guidance

Bringing you
Relief, Emotional Release.
and Order out of chaos.

Are you longing to be at ease with yourself?

Maybe you feel like something is holding you back?
– and despite your best efforts, you just can’t move forward?

That feeling of internal dis-ease is painful.

Getting hurt is a normal part of being human, but when those wounds don’t heal, they stay within the body and limit us. We might feel that we’re only ‘getting by’ and not thriving.

If this is you, you’re in the right place.
I get people ‘through their shit’ and out the other side to feeling whole.

I help people heal from:

Childhood wounds
Low self esteem/self image
Ancestral trauma
Difficult relationships
Emotional wounds
Limiting beliefs and behaviours.

Healing Practices

In my practice, I use a wide variety of techniques and proven methods with clients. Some benefit from specific work such as past life healings, soul retrievals, extraction medicine, whilst others require a more focussed, in-depth process.

In addition to one-off healings, longer term programs range from 1 month to 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and more.

Working with Cath

For me, it’s all about energy. Quantum physics, the laws of nature, I work shamanically, which means that I access ‘Spirit’ and the Universal Energy through shamanic techniques, especially the Shamanic Journey.

With clients across the globe I work in-person, distance and online.

Okay, so what’s with the name?

Well, truth be told, I used to think that spiritual stuff was a crock of shit. Then things started happening to me that I couldn’t explain….

I just ‘knew’ things that came true – information I couldn’t have known. I had visions. I saw people in my dreams before they died, plus so much more.

Fast forward 13 years and a chunk of shamanic training, and I’m here before you. This is now my every day.

I’m no ‘fluffy bunny’ type. I’m visceral, candid and work with a discerning gut.