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Public Speaking

Unlikely Connections:
The Baptist and the Lesbian FIGT Conference, Bangkok

Talk-back Tuesday

Answering all your LGBTQ+ questions every Tuesday at 2pm GMT.

“Homosexuality and Christiantity”

“Queer role models + generations of the Unseen”

“Gender and Sexuality Gaslighting”

“What do lesbians ‘do’?”

As a Podcast Guest

Tandem Nomads

‘The simple thing solo entrepreneurs can do to support gender diversity and non-binary people’

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Expat Happy Hour

Living Elsewhere with Cath Brew’

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Tandem Nomads

The Art of Selling Your Art’

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Expat Happy Hour

Unlikely Connections with Jerry Jones and Cath Brew’

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Look at Us Now

Cath Brew is Drawn to a Story’

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Resilient Expats

‘Death with Cath Brew’

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Families in Global Transition (FIGT) Tri-State Affiliate, NEW YORK

Drawing From Within
This workshop focused on how identity impacts the stories we tell ourselves and others.

While being an interactive and fun workshop; it also took us from realizing some of our natural miss-conceptions and challenges in life to unlocking them with small, but yet powerful, breakthroughs.

– Amel Derragui (Tandem Nomads)

In the Media

Vamping the Van
The BBC’s Radio Solent interviewed Cath about her artistic thank you to the UK’s key workers during covid19.

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