Manifesto and Ethos

Who we are and all the goodness I offer you.


Storytelling is the heart beat in us all

Stories invite us into another’s world.

We find common ground, understanding and compassion.

Body Size

I am passionate about clothes being accessible. I want more equality within diversity. Here, each size within a clothing product is the same price.

Just Clothing

Gendered clothing reinforces sterotypes, social conditioning and limits personal expression. In my store, there are no genders. Clothes are just clothes.

Change for Good

I aspire to make positive change and create a better future together. Each year, I donate 3% of shop sales to a charities who support LGBTQ+ refugees.

Passionate about Products

When you buy a gift, you want it to be just perfect. If there are products you wish were in the shop, but aren’t, please let me know.