OUTstanding Resources

LGBTQ+ Resources


The Gender Unicorn

The fabulous TSER graphic that explains the concepts of identity, expression, sex & attraction.


A glossary of terms for clear and empowered communication.

How to be an LGBTQ+ Ally

15 simple and practical tips about how to be an ally.

5 Tips! How-to and How-not to

5 tips to help you not get flustered or feel awkward when talking about and to LGBTQ+ people.

Pride Flags for Social Media

Lead the way! Show that you are an ally by displaying these free downloads on your social media profiles. Tag @drawntoastory I’d love to see you using them!

The Inclusive Pride Flag
We are an LGBTQ+ Inclusive School
I Support LGBTQ+
I’m an ally

The PRIDE Collection: Gifts & Products

PRIDE Face Mask
‘Live life like you are breathing rainbows’ Laptop Sleeve
Pride Flag
Rainbow Journal
LGBTQ+ Classroom Activity Postcard
‘I’m an ally’ coffee mug


Worldwide LGBTQ+ people need your support. In many countries they are abused, killed and persecuted for whom they are. Please donate to charities that fight for LGBTQ+ rights. It’s a great way to be ally.

SCM Medical Missions (donate to their New Life Fund)
Supporting LGBTQ+ refugees to safety in Canada

Stonewall – human rights charity that drives positive change for LGBTQ+ people in public attitudes and public policy (UK)

Rainbow Railroad – help LGBTQI+ people escape state-sponsored violence

The Trevor Project – support for young LGBTQ+ people 24/7 (USA)

MindOUT – mental health service run by and for LGBTQI+ people (UK)

PFLAG – first and largest organization for (LGBTQ+) people, their parents, families, allies (USA)

LGBTQ Foundation – advice, support & info for LGBTQ+ people (USA)

Amnesty International LGBTI Equality – defender of human rights globally

Trans Student Educational Resources (TSER) – youth led resources, information and advocacy