Don’t Let Your Child Be Your First Black Friend

“You cannot communicate a love of your child as a whole person, if they are not reflected in any of the other people you love”

Dr Laura Anderson

Even for the most-informed parent, unlearning racism and having tough conversations about race can be confronting. For families formed through transracial adoption, it’s essential.

This week, I’m talking with Dr Laura Anderson about transracial adoption and particularly, why nurturing a child’s racial identity is critical. In this episode, Dr Anderson talks about racism, unconscious bias and why White parents need to feel uncomfortable.

She highlights the importance of understanding the intricacies of racial identity and systemic racism and offers ways in which, as a White parent especially, you can nurture your child.

Dr. Anderson is a clinical child and family psychologist who has worked with children, adolescents, adults and families for over twenty years. She is licensed in Hawaii and California in the US. She has lived out of the United States on several occasions. Dr. Anderson is currently based primarily in Hawaii. She provides video health services to members of the expatriate community.

The areas of her expertise include school-based behavioral health, the assessment of children and adolescents, support for adoptive families, support for gender expansive youth and their families and parenting neurodiverse children and teens. Dr. Anderson has done talks and trainings in the US and internationally on child development, adoption, school-related issues, and issues related to gender identity development. For both personal and professional reasons, Dr. Anderson is passionate about supporting children, teens and families around the globe.


This podcast acknowledges that this conversation is between two White women. It comes from a position of wanting to have an open conversation about parenting a child of colour and to encourage other White people to educate themselves about lived experiences of racism and privilege.

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