Facing a Life-limiting Illness

Facing a Life-limiting Illness

Receiving the diagnosis of a life-limiting illness is not what anyone wants to hear. Yet, is it the doom and gloom so many fear? In this episode, Maria Baggaley Runningwater shares her experience of a cancer diagnosis, how she has chosen to live and offers an approach that could benefit everyone.

Maria is also a good friend of my wife and mine. She’s a beekeeper, a soap maker, a deeply spiritual woman.

Maria’s approach to her diagnosis has given me a lot to think about and I know after listening to Maria, you’ll have lots to think about too.

Listen to Maria’s meditations:

Maria has a series of meditations and activities which are designed to assist development of positive personal growth and spiritual awareness.

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Music by Grant McLachlan

2 thoughts on “Facing a Life-limiting Illness

  1. Thank you Cath, if was lovely to hear Maria’s voice again, having heard it on a few video’s and calls when we spoke about our soaping journey. I don’t think I’ve ever heard such and open and honest review of life before leaving us, but I too believe its not goodbye Maria, it’s just see ya – until we meet again. You are an inspirational lady, so with much love – See ya xxx

  2. So interesting and informative listening to this today. The honesty and the positive attitude she has is inspirational. Maria’s voice is always so powerful to me and calming Well done both of you. Xx

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