Kate Tuckwell - parent of a child with Treacher-Collins Syndrome

Parenting a Child With Complex Medical Needs

Every parent hopes to give birth to a healthy child, but what happens when things don’t go according to our hopes or plans?

Are you prepared for the possibly of your child having a medical condition that requires medical interventions and consistent care?

This week, Kate Tuckwell shares the complexities and experiences of parenting her son, who has Treacher-Collins Syndrome. Treacher-Collins Syndrome is a congenital condition that affects the bones and tissues of the face.

In this episode, Kate talks candidly about the moment she knew that their lives would never be the same again. She also shares what those first 18 months were like, how her and her husband have adapted, what family life is like now with 2 children, and her hopes for the future. Kate lastly discusses the realities of fighting for funding, finding support and community online, plus the importance of visibility.

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