Raising an Autistic Child

In 2003, Lori’s son Braden was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. This milestone event changed her focus from teaching elementary students to advocating for all children and inclusive education. In this frank conversation Lori talks about what it’s like to raise a son with additional needs.

What you will learn:

  • What skills and emotional resources you need as a parent of a child with additional needs
  • Ways in which to support your other children to ensure that they feel loved and secure too
  • Why toxic positivity alienates rather than includes

Lori shares the joys of parenting Braden, as well as some of their greatest challenges as parents. She also invites us into understanding the external conversations around autism, including reactions from strangers, toxic positivity, and how we can all do better for families navigating additional needs.

Temple Grandin

Dr Stephen Shore

SENIA International



Grant McLachlan

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