Unexpected Listening: ‘Being Rock’

EPISODE 9: Unexpected Listening: ‘Being Rock’ with Mandy Preece

We’ve looked at eight different lives, all challenging in their own way, to the individuals themselves, but also to the people that they encounter.

And now you’ve heard some of these stories, I wanted to conclude the series with giving you something practical, a ‘how to’.

How do we deal with these unexpected moments? How do we be present with someone when they tell us something that we don’t know what to do with.

I’ve brought back Mandy Preece, author and creator of Being Rock, the award-winning communications training. Being Rock is a superb method of listening which gives us the tools to manage the moment when we don’t know how to react to what we’ve just heard.

This is a powerful end to this first series as Mandy shares very real and practical techniques that will enable you to be present with people in ways that you never imagined.

In This Episode

  • How we listen incorrectly
  • Why unexpected listening changes everything
  • Noticing the elephant in the room and using it
  • Why ‘but’ is the word you need to listen to
  • What to do when someone rants at you

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