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New Online Shop – Coming Soon !

I’m truly excited to announce that Drawn to a Story’s NEW ONLINE SHOP
is launching soon!

Since publishing my book Living Elsewhere, your feedback has been overwhelming.

Firstly, THANK YOU! I love hearing that the book is so well received!!! It really makes my day.

You are a genius, so subtly articulating what we feel but don’t find the words to express. Thanks and my deep recognition.
Please make volume 2!

(An expat in Sweden)

Even my kid looked into it and did not put it away. That is remarkable as he ‘hates’ expat things! He said it was really like that. So thank you for making this!
(An expat in Taiwan)

Lots of you have asked me for more illustrations and more products!
I have listened to your passionate requests and am thrilled to ‘give the people what they want’!

And so…. I am launching a NEW ONLINE SHOP.

What can you buy in the shop?
Mugs, journals, t-shirts, cards plus loads more – all featuring Living Elsewhere cartoons. You will also be able to buy expat/third culture kids/cross cultural kids themed items. We will also be adding to our collection regularly, so stay tuned for updates.

When will the new shop launch?
In March I’m presenting at the Families in Global Transition (FIGT) Conference in Bangkok. It’s such an incredible gathering of people living globally mobile lives. Check out Releasing the Spoon to learn how mindblowing and life changing my first conference was.

Sticking to the theme of ‘Releasing’ and FIGT, the shop will launch in the first week of March, right before FIGT2020 starts!

Follow us too – We will be posting all about it on social media in the lead up to Bangkok.

Interested in shop updates and exclusive products you can buy?
Subscribe to be the first to hear!
Bangkok is calling!
See you there!

Cath x

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