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Who Are Your Steel Girders?

Sometimes a little is enough. Other times, we need a whopping great big steel girder. These moments are usually the ones that catch us completely by surprise and whack us from behind, with no time to prepare.

You never know when they’re going to hit, so I like to prepare if I can.

But when you live a globally mobile life, the big steel girders can be harder to find, right?
New friendships aren’t necessarily at that point yet. Old deeply nourishing ones may feel impeded by geographical distance.

But as Sundae Schneider-Bean, LLC advocates:

Love the crap out of your people

Keep them at the forefront of your lives. Look after them in the way that maintaining the steel girders of a bridge keep its users safe.

Maintain your steel girders too. You are the user of your own bridge.

Don’t let distance stop the connection. There are always ways to keep your friendships nourishing, meaningful and as close as they’ve always been.

Yes, you might end up like me with an embarrassingly large number of WhatsApp screen hours, but actually, do I care?

Not. One. Bit.
“Wha??” I hear you say.

The richness that these connections bring to me are life changing.

Distance is nothing. The connections, the commitment to each other, and the care that comes in all colours of the rainbow make me happy

I feel safe. I feel secure and I feel full.
Find your steel girders.

Love the crap out of them and your bridge will stand against the fiercest of storms.

It might become a little cracked and dented in places, but these marks bear witness to a remarkable story of how the bridge survived the Force 11 storm of….
[insert your month/year].

So who today are you going to tell that they are your steel girder and why?

Cath xx

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